Efficiency of Semantic Web Implementation on Cloud Computing: A Review


  • Kazheen Ismael Taher Dept. of Computer Network Sulaimani Polytechnic University Sulaimani-Iraq
  • Rezgar Hasan Saeed Computer Science Dept. Near East University Cyprus
  • Rowaida Kh. Ibrahim Computer science Dept. University of Zakho Duhok -Iraq
  • Zryan Najat Rashid Dept. of Computer Network Sulaimani Polytechnic University Sulaimani-Iraq
  • Lailan M. Haji Computer science Dept. University of Zakho Duhok -Iraq
  • Naaman Omar Information Technology Dept. Duhok Polytechnic University Duhok-Iraq
  • Hivi Ismat Dino Computer science Dept. University of Zakho Duhok -Iraq




Semantic web, Cloud Computing, Semantic Technologies, cloud-driven.


Semantic web and cloud technology systems have been critical components in creating and deploying applications in various fields. Although they are self-contained, they can be combined in various ways to create solutions, which has recently been discussed in depth. We have shown a dramatic increase in new cloud providers, applications, facilities, management systems, data, and so on in recent years, reaching a level of complexity that indicates the need for new technology to address such tremendous, shared, and heterogeneous services and resources. As a result, issues with portability, interoperability, security, selection, negotiation, discovery, and definition of cloud services and resources may arise. Semantic Technologies, which has enormous potential for cloud computing, is a vital way of re-examining these issues. This paper explores and examines the role of Semantic-Web Technology in the Cloud from a variety of sources. In addition, a "cloud-driven" mode of interaction illustrates how we can construct the semantic web and provide automated semantical annotations to web applications on a large scale by leveraging Cloud computing properties and advantages.


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Ismael Taher, K., Hasan Saeed, R., Kh. Ibrahim, R. ., Najat Rashid, Z., M. Haji, L. ., Omar, N. ., & Ismat Dino , H. (2021). Efficiency of Semantic Web Implementation on Cloud Computing: A Review. Qubahan Academic Journal, 1(3), 1–9. https://doi.org/10.48161/qaj.v1n3a72




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