The Effects of the COVID-19 on Our Daily Lives in Bangladesh


  • Md. Najmus Sayadat Pitol Research Officer
  • Shakil Ahmed Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline Khulna University, Khulna Bangladesh.
  • Hready Kumar Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline Khulna University, Khulna Bangladesh.
  • Md. Akramul Islam Research Officer Bangladesh Forest Research Institute. Bangladesh.
  • Tanmoy Dey Research Officer Bangladesh Forest Research Institute. Bangladesh.
  • Bichitra Kumar Bachar Research Officer Bangladesh Forest Research Institute. Bangladesh.
  • Rupak Kumar Ghosh Research Officer Bangladesh Forest Research Institute. Bangladesh.



The COVID-19 pandemic originated from Wuhan, China, spread around the world with horror and dramatic loss of human life. The economic and social catastrophe has made it even more irresistible. An attempt has been made to find out what kind of psychological and livelihood-related impacts Covid-19 has had on our daily lives. Data had been collected through convenient online surveys where 344 respondents were interviewed. Most of the respondents reported the reduction of movement, income and working hours. The majority reported a noticeable decrease in sleep, health condition and body weight due to the increase of tension where some tensed more. Corona can be avoided by drinking hot water and tea, this idea had increased the amount of hot water and tea consumed by the common people. Many of those who lost their jobs were distressed and others also were distressed at the thought of how long they would stay. The most frightening thing was that the addiction to the virtual world had increased dramatically.


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